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Firstly, make your own survey about where is the cheapest sport rim shop area. Then go there to take some picture of some of the rim design that you feel may fit into your car. Compare all the design to suit your car. Usually, white sport rims is good for white car, dark gold sport rims is good for black car and silver/chrome suit for any colour.

What is the most common beautiful sport rim that people will search? It will be the one with lips (bibir) where the outer part of the rims is protruding out, black painted on the inner part of the rims, have longer spoke or rims “stick/batang” from center of the rim to the outer of the rims. But again its all depends on your car if it suitable or not. Usually for expensive and lower height car like Proton Perdana, Wira or Waja, it is more suitable with 5 spoke sport rims while for higher height car like Perodua Myvi and Kenari, it is more suitable to fit in many spoke sport rims.

For the tyres, don’t worry, you will find out the exact suitable new tyres when you ask the mechanic at the tyre shop but basically, when you change to new bigger sport rims, you will need a thiner tyres which means low profile tyres. What is the correct and suitable size to upgrade a sport rim? Usually 1″ to 3″ upgrade is good. 3″ higher radius will sometimes give you problems with the pick up of your car and your tyre will hit or sangkut to body of your car due to its longer width.

Talking about width or bukaan rim/ tayar, usually it is stamped on the sport rims like 14x5j, 16x7j, 15x6j etc. It is basically a mark to indicate your sport rim size (radius in inches) times the width of the sport rims in inches. Sport rims usually have wider dimension compare to original rims. So this is the cause of your tyre touching or sebab tayar sangkut on your body fender. Some of the solution may be to put abuffer or getah pelapik 1″ to 4″ height to prevent it happen or some of the car owner will knock the body fender to give space for tyres but this is not recommended. Another solution is to put sport spring which cost around RM300 with sport suspension. But the effect of sport spring and suspension will be stiffer, the suspension will be not bouncy and better handling.

To buy a sport rims, after you have survey all the design that suits your car, try to get a cheaper price. First ask about bigger rims as if you have a bigger car there at home. And say that if you give best price i will bring my other car here soon. Well, just a simple trick =). Ask for the price of one set. Usually the price is included with free installation but you need to add another RM40 for filling port valve and RM80 for sport rim nut. To buy cheaper new sport rims, you can buy with second hand tyres which will cost you around RM200 only for one set if you dont have the budget to buy the new one at that time. Then ask the price of trade in your stock tyre with original rims. Usually around RM200 they will take for normal rim besi. But for original sport rim, it depends on the size and your tyre thread (bunga tayar).

After you have found the cheapest price, try to bargain and the last word will be “If I can have this xxx price, I will buy it now” Then the tauke will start to “geleng kepala” and say “ok la..” =). The the new sport rims change will take you around 30 minutes. Make sure they do all thebalancing of the tyres before installation and ask them to polish the tyres if you buy the second hand tyres.

setelah mengikuti tip yang dibagi ni ler hasilnye.. 
rim yang aku bli .. amcam? cantik dok kete aku ni ngn rim tu?? haha jgn mare haa!!!

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